Franck Sorbier’s haute couture vibrates to the rhythm of Mexico, guitars and horses.

Franck Sorbier mentioned a great figure of the Mexican scene, Maria de Los Angeles Felix Güerena – La Dona, for his spring-summer 2020 haute couture collection , before returning in an interview on the essence of his profession.

Interviewed a little before the haute couture week, Franck Sorbier jealously kept the secret on the theme of his collection “For the moment, I can’t reveal the story but the show will be there”.Indeed, it is a tribute to Maria de Los Angeles Felix Güerena – La Dona, central figure of the golden age of Mexican cinema – that is evoked in his spring-summer 2020 haute couture collection presented on January 22.A show vibrating to the rhythm of the guitar, singing and equestrian demonstrations!

In her films “Maria Felix has always represented the strong, proud, haughty women” that we find in this collection unveiled to the rhythm of the guitar and singing.Here the models dance and rub elbows with the two horses that follow the equestrian demonstrations under the guidance of the trainer Luraschi.

Some models wear dresses with very wide black or coloured skirts, others have on their shoulders the typical fringed and flowered black shawl or a lovely little embroidered mantle cape and on the head a black felt or straw hat.If the base of the palette is usually black, the printed tones are preferably bright flowers – red, yellow, blue…- or geometric patterns.

A few days before his spring-summer 2020 haute couture fashion show, Franck Sorbier confided to us how making a new collection each season “is a challenge and a challenge”.The couturier, who obtained his haute couture label in 2005, recalls that at the time “we had to earn our stripes, with time, work and experience…Today everything is dazzling: information, desire, success but also its opposites.And there are no more recipes for a career”.He’s still there, his engine? “Exist, resist, endure.To continue to defend a vision of arts and crafts in a world saturated with images and proposals”.With the difficulty of satisfying the haute couture customer “who is above all looking for exclusivity and jealously guarded addresses”.

As for the changes in society, and more particularly the emergence of responsible fashion, including haute couture, Franck Sorbier anticipated them: “It’s been a long time since I felt the profound changes that are evident today.I think I’m even one of those people who prescribes it.Although awareness is growing every day, there is still much to be done.Many confreres have given up fur but have set their sights on the feather.Another animal suffering to be highlighted”.

“It’s a real case of conscience, a way of life,” says the couturier, who is involved in several associations defending the animal cause.Haute couture doesn’t lock me up in an ivory tower.